Scorpyd Canada Crossbows

Welcome to Scorpyd Canada

This year a defining moment occurred that piqued my crossbow affliction even further. This affliction started in 1991, and has matured ever since. For the first time in Canada, I proudly offer Canadian crossbow enthusiasts Scorpyd Crossbows.

Scorpyd, founded by Jim Kempf, the patented inventor of ‘reverse limb technology’, offers a unique crossbow that is very fast, smooth, quiet, exhibits low vibration, and feels well balanced in the hand. Quality engineered to be narrow and light weight, will certainly deliver a world class Crossbow shooting experience. 

Take a look at the lightweight Multi-Element Carbon Deathstalker, that combines a super strong mainframe/riser one piece assembly which is flex free. Next is the Aculeus, which is “The Worlds Fastest Crossbow” at 460 fps with a 400 grain arrow. Imagine using one pin or dot out to 50 yards.

Scorpyd is the first archery company to offer titanium fasteners throughout. The benefit is no more unsightly rusted hardware, and secondly, titanium weighs about half as much as steel fasteners.

If you like a superb  trigger, look no further than the Kempf-Tec SEAR LOC trigger, which is the BEST in the crossbow industry. Smooth and crisp, the Kempf trigger is also adjustable. 

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Scorpyd Canada Crossbows