When selecting the right crossbow, you must ask yourself the following questions:


What is my primary use for this crossbow, hunting, target, or both?

If you are primarily a target shooter, The VTEC platform will be a better choice. Just like with vertical bows, a greater axle to axle measurement is more inheritantly forgiving, and a greater mass weight makes for a smoother shot. Another thing to keep in mind is the speed of your bow, as some targets are not meant for such high speed bows. Here is where a 110# or 135# draw weight becomes a great choice.

If your primary use is hunting, the Ventilator platform is your best choice. Scorpyd Crossbows most compact, light weight model is ideal for long hikes, tight confines, and having up to 178 KE, enough energy to take down any game on the planet! The Ventilator is also extremely accurate and smooth, and can double as a great target crossbow.

Will my physical abilities or age be an issue when choosing the right crossbow?

Scorpyd crossbows offer an extremely diverse lineup of crossbows. Young or old, many of us choose to use a crossbow. For what ever the reason, keep one thing in mind, don’t “overdose” on speed. Choose a crossbow with a draw weight that you will be comfortable shooting. You choose how much draw weight you want to pull, and how fast you want to go, it’s that simple! With yet another industry first, Scorpyd Crossbows offer the ability to choose different draw weights on all models, simply by changing the limbs. Scorpyd’s 80 pound Ventilator still has plenty of punch for elk or deer, with performance rivaling most 70# compound bows! Scorpyd’s 110# Ventilator is faster than the majority of crossbows on the market, compare the stats. Many people that would otherwise need a crank assist to cock regular crossbows, find they don’t need one with these lighter draw weight bows, and an added bonus is the lighter draw weight Scorpyd Crossbows are quiter than many compound bows. So kids can start out with a light weight bow, and advance to greater poundage, and us old farts can start with a higher poundage, and go lighter weight if so choose.

What type of hunting will I be doing?

Where and how you hunt can play a roll in the Scorpyd Crossbow that you choose. Field edges and open range most often require a longer shot. This is where the higher poundage models really shine. Flatter trajectory and faster arrow speed can be a real asset. If you prefer hunting in the thick of it, where you are lucky to have a 30 yard shot, a Scorpyd crossbow that is shooting 330 – 360 fps is plenty fast, and it will be easier to cock. How far you shoot and Hunter ethics go hand in hand. You always have to take into consideration the situation you are in at that time. A feeding deer at 40 yards is a totally different scenario than an allert deer at 40 yards. NEVER shoot farther distances than you regularly practice. ALWAYS use a range finder. If in doubt, don’t take the shot.

Am I a speed freak?

Let’s face it… you know who you are. You can’t hide it, so don’t try. Here is where you have to keep one thing in mind… yes SPEED KILLS: it kills accuracy IF YOU ARE SHOOTING THE WRONG ARROWS OR BROAD HEADS! It also kills arrows if you are using the wrong targets. Speed also magnifies any minute difference between the arrows that you are shooting. Some arrows shoot great spots at 340 fps, but fly all over the place over 400 fps. Notice I said spots, not groups. Shooting groups can damage your arrows, and shooting a damaged arrow can be very dangerous, ALWAYS INSPECT YOUR ARROWS. So if you are going to go fast with our EXTREME 135# TO 175# models, step up and buy the right accessories.