2023 TREMOR XP with HUSKEMAW 4 x 40 Crossfield Scope in stock


SCORPYD CANADA proudly presents the 23 TREMOR paired the finest crossbow Optic available, the HUSKEMAW CROSSFIELD 4 x 40 2MOA dot in green and red, with 5 intensities. Scorpyd Canada paired with HUSKEMAW to include a Custom 20 t0 130 yard Elevation Custom Turret to match the 475 grain in house made Custom Spine indexed arrows.

This scope exhibits the finest glass with edge to edge clarity and personally used by the Scorypd Canada staff and Team.
30 ml Rings and scope covers included.

NOTE: HUSKEMAW scopes are built under the same roof at Nightforce scopes. This scope retails for $670.00 at finer Optic sources in Canada.

The Scorpyd TREMOR XP combines the proven compact platform of the Scorpyd Tremor, with
the speed cams of the Aculeus, Scorpyd’d longest running crossbow model. The TREMOR XP is the
World’s fastest crossbow that does not require a crank cocking device. Crank cockers are optional.

Combining the unmatched balance, precision, smoothness, and versatility of our Patented Reverse Draw
Technology with the industry’s best rated trigger, Scorpyd Crossbows delivers the world’s best crossbow
shooting experience!

Tremor Package XP FEATURES

– 4 Arrow Quiver
– 6 Custom Spine Indexed 21″ .001 Black Eagle Zombie Slayers Arrows
– Long Sled Rope Cocker

Patented Reverse Draw Technology
Patented Inverted Cam Technology
PatentedSear-LOC Trigger System
Patented Adjustable Trigger
Patented Silent Safety
17 3/8” limb tip to limb tip (NEW YORK LEGAL)
16 5/8″ axle to axle uncocked
9 3/8″ axle to axle cocked
7.9# mass weight without accessories
Titanium Fasteners
Hogue 1911 Grips
Scope Rail Integrated with Trigger Box
Manual Safety
Barnsdale Laminated Limbs
Trigger Pull Less than 2#
Pivoting Cable Anchors
MIM Trigger Components