Scorpyd Canada was involved testing the new 22 SWAT Ti XMAG before release.

2 Ontario Black Bears taken with both recoveries under 40 yards .

US Made and manufactured by Veterans!!

– Mechanical Blades are 420SS
– Tested not to open up to 500 fps
– Not found in Big Box Stores, only through Dealers
– Pair your SCORPYD with a quality Mechanical Head
– 100 Gr.
– Replacement blades available (inquire)

The CROSSBOW  MAGNUM TITANIUM XMAG TI was designed to be unstoppable.  Solid titanium ferrule with fluted chisel point.  Made of Titanium with a total cut of 3.5″/With our patented 2 Blade Entry and 4 Blade Exit Design the XMAG TI is devastating.  Also with our new rear blade clearance technology!  Front blades are .036 and rear blades are .040 blade and guarantee a giant wound channel and greatly increased exit wound probability.  The Front Blades can be set to cut a 2″ Entry, or can convert to 1 3/4″ Cut, or set to free floating. All parts and blades are installed with screws and this crossbow broadhead is rated for unlimited speed and is guaranteed to Drain Your Game!


Note : These heads Retail in the US for $60.00 usd