TOOTH of the ARROW 4 blade compact fixed head


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US made, US manufactured.  Perfect low profile for Crossbows.

Scorpyd Canada approved!

Solid Steel-series broadheads are available in both 1-inch and 1-3/16-inch.

The 4-blade fixed broadhead design includes a shorter ferrule for unsurpassed flight, heat-treated for ultimate durability, and sharpened at 45-degrees for maximum sharpness.
The 1-3/16-inch broadhead is specifically designed to create larger entry and exit holes. Ideal for shots 50 yards and under on medium-sized animals like deer and black bears.

The solid-series is created for  even better penetration  and greater durability.

The solid-series is perfect for any hunter who values durability and penetration.

The compact ferrule provides field point accuracy, and the 4-blade design allows for a maximum cut without sacrificing flight.

Every Tooth of the Arrow broadhead comes sharp right out of the pack, giving you the confidence to take your hunt to the next level.

INCLUDES BROADHEAD WRENCH….you won’t cut your hand!

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1" 125 grain- $69, 1" 150 grain – $69, 1" 3/16 150 grain – $74, 1" 3/16 175 grain – $74